Calling the Universe.

I am in my mid-30’s.
I am probably hurling towards my mid-life crisis.
I work but within an industry that is dreadfully low paid.
I still have an enormous number of life ambitions.
I have an Oyster card and a free day every now and then.
So, my mission is to find people out there who will help me achieve my dreams – within the above confines that is my life.

I have called this Blog the ‘Secret (UK) Project’ because I really am relatively shy.
It’s quite a feat to step forward publicly and say “Hey, I’ve some dreams – would you help me please?”
I have no wish to be rich nor famous – be it online or off – but I do have a very real, if somewhat niave and innocent passion to live.

I have listed my -relatively small and simplistic – ambitions in Projects 2006.
Please have a look and if either you or someone you know can help then please take that leap of faith and contact me!

Com’on London – have a heart. 😉



If this idea does take off, I have no objection to trying to help those who help me – be it by linking to / from your site, posting an [edited] youtube video etc that promotes what you do…?


2 responses to “Calling the Universe.

  1. I see potential in your content 🙂

    This “Project month” thing is really a great idea. I’m not kidding. By embarking on one major project every month, you are setting a goal for your private self.

    Keep up the good, no, great work!

    I’ll be visiting your blog often 🙂


  2. Hi YS 🙂

    Thank you for the comment – and thank you for not just being the first to pass comment but for being so positive about it as well!
    Today is the first of October and right now, I can only hope that unseen out there, I am at least one step closer to achieving my rollerblading ambitions…
    I am now off to investigate your own blog.
    Namaste and again, thank you.

    xx SP xx

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