My Commitment..

I work REALLY hard.

I have a partner and a cat to also look after.

Not to mention my friends.

However, I’m commited to making this blog and my dreams come true so….

From this moment forth, I’m going to get up – at least 5 days a week – 30 minutes earlier.
Perhaps that doesn’t seem like much but as I get up at 5:30am anyway (believe you, me – it’s awfully dark and cold at such an hour 😦 ) I’m now going to get up at 0500hrs.

Why earlier?
For the simple reason that I seldom get chance nor time to go online but I’m going to hold out here that someone is going to help me and I’d like to be able to get right back to… you?

 If time is one of our most precious commodities – it is most certainly mine – then know how important this is to me.


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