Only 6 People to Success…

6 People from Success


2 responses to “Only 6 People to Success…

  1. I like the idea of your site — everyone has dreams but we usually keep them to ourselves and they die off. You might want to check out something like too, where everyone lists things they want to do and you can see who has similar goals.

    I almost think Milgram’s 6 degrees of separation is a bit of a stretch and catchy pop-science rather than a hard limit. I’ve read the paper and you can’t conclude from just that paper that 6 is the magic number. It’s not the average distance since several repeat studies have shown that the average distance between two persons is about 3 or 4. It’s not really a maximum either because of course there are paths between two persons longer than 6 degrees.

    I hope you achieve your dreams.

  2. Hi TR,
    Bless your heart for the comment and well wishes.
    I am most intrigued by the 6 degrees of separation as I – probably like so many others – have only heard talk of it and certainly not delved into the research behind it.
    And while I’ve a moment, I have to say I really enjoy reading your blog – although an utter novice, I have a very real passion and interest in psychology and much of what you’ve posted has tickled my curiousity further.
    Best wishes!

    xx SP xx

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