Why wouldn’t someone…

Why would someone not assist me?

Have our lives become too busy – can we justify that we barely have time for ourselves?

Have we become so distrusting, so protective that it now even hurts and damages the good guys?

I wonder – if without original intent – my blog is going to become a mark of humanity now.
Is it going to reflect – not just by my input but by the lack of input by others – how much we’ve damaged ourselves with our progress, with our ‘civilisation’.



2 responses to “Why wouldn’t someone…

  1. Hi, do not despair, I at least have read some of your posts although I doubt I can help much with any of your positive ideas for 2007 apart from to say that skatebourds {as I remember them} can at least be lept from when the going gets hairy,
    in line skates however ………………..
    As for Guitar, creating your own pieces by far out ways anothers, plus you often come across things and think, hang on I know that bit from somewhere etc……also, never ever use a plectrum. Good luck with it all and have fun.

  2. Hi Flea!
    Between yourself and three others, it’s really nice to know someone is reading this!
    Your recollection of skateboarding vs. rollerblading has started my day off with a chuckle.
    “Be careful what you wish for” springs to mind as a precautionary self-warning 😉

    xx SP xx

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