Sense of Humour… Failure?

Have you ever wondered what type of humour you have?

Do you have the type of humour that you wield like a weapon to put down others?

Or do you use your humour to entertain and reassure those around you?
Telling little jokes perhaps – but not at the expense of another – but rather an event.

Perhaps you like to make yourself the butt of all jokes?
Funny in small doses possibly but absolutely exhausting if on-going.

Or are you like me – able to just laugh at life as a whole?
If something goes wrong, I can usually find a reason to giggle.
Some could possibly accuse me of not taking life seriously enough if they looked at my humour alone….
Thankfully, I think other aspects of my life balance that out!

I confess that when I’m tired and / or cross, I may be guilty of puting others down with my wit.
Now I’m conscious of it, I think I’ll make a very real effort to stop.

So, what type of humour do you have?


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