I love the stuff.
In winter only however.
They do these special little micro packets now – add milk & blast.
This is how I started my day.

I missed blogging yesterday as I had a treat insomuch as a long weekend off.
They happen quite often.
Should happen every other week but … sometimes they need extra bodies.

I treated myself to some window shopping around London.
A young guy, short dreds and a hoodie walked thru Tottenham Court Tube Station with rollerblades swinging nonchalantly from his bag.
I wanted to walk up to him and say “Hi, would you teach me?”

It’s funny when you have a dream and actively directed yourself at it and nothing happens.
You can have moments of sadness – almost as though you wonder what you’re doing wrong.
I guess I could spend months saving up and be taught professionally – if it’s that much of a priority in my life, one could argue.
Yet there’s times in life when you may be screaming out for something for yourself.
It can be your number one priority but in the face of the other facets of your life – relationships, work, food on the table etc – what you want doesn’t really come into it.

I remain grateful for my bowl of porridge.


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